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We are Warrior Park CrossFit Serving Bulverde and
North San Antonio

Our group classes help you stay motivated and committed to reaching your physical and mental goals

About Us

We are a new facility built on open space adjacent to Bulverde Community Park, where the sunrise, sunset and fresh air will greet you every time you workout. Staying connected with our community by being near the park is a big draw for us. We can't wait to share the space with everyone. As coaches, we all share a love for knowledge and the foundational movements that are going to get you stronger and keep you injury-free.
Our goal is to provide a supportive community, a safe working environment and instill a life-long love for fitness in all our members.

What We Offer

CrossFit Classes

Join us for an hour-long class lead by our CrossFit coaches. They will take you through the workout and movements and be sure that everyone is moving safely and also give you the motivation to challenge yourself. Classes usually have 12-17 members.


You will have an assessment with one of our coaches and then they will schedule 4 one-on-one sessions with you to lead you through many of the foundational movements you can expect to see in our classes. Once your session are complete, you will be able to participate in our group CrossFit classes.

Individualized Programming

Our coaches can provide you with special programming for your needs. This will consist of open gym training time where you work to complete your individualized workout. This is a monthly program that will focus on minimizing your weaknesses and building your strengths. This is also a good option for those who need a little more guidance before they are ready for group classes. If you are looking for personal training sessions to work on a specific movement we can also provide this service depending on availability.

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Warrior Park CrossFit



Our Location

Address: 29905 Bulverde Ln.,
Bulverde, TX 78163

Gym: We are located next door to Bulverde Community Park, in the industrial building at the back of the property.

Phone: (210) 393-7220



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